Wool Mat, 14" x 14"
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Wool Mat, 14" x 14"

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Use this virgin wool mat to press any pieced or embroidered quilt block.  The dense wool allows both sides of the block to be pressed at once.  The texture of the wool stops blocks from shifting so there is no distortion when pressing - great for beginners!  

Use the pressing mat with a dry iron on any flat surface.  Place the mat on a water -proof surface when using steam as moisture travels through the mat.  If the mat feels damp after pressing, allow it to dry before storing.  

Real wool comes from real sheep!  If needed, spritz your mat occasionally with a freshening spray. 

Mix together in a spray bottle and shake before each use: 

1 cup distilled water 

2 tsp baking soda

5 drops of essential oil if desired

Wash the mat from time to time by rinsing in cold water and hang to dry.  Wash more frequently if you use spray starch. 

Made in Canada 

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