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Felted Wool Pressing Mat

Travelling to classes, I take along my own pressing board. That's because I find most ironing boards way too soft to get a good crisp pressed seam. The pressing board I've been using is a heavy thing I made myself out of a cutting board covered with batting and finished with a muslin fabric cover stapled all around. Every 6 months I pull the staples to change the stained cover.

It works fine, but it's heavy, and along with everything else I need to carry when teaching it would be nice to have something lightweight instead.

So, I was happy to discover that manufacturers were now creating 100% felted wool pressing mats to fill this niche. Here's my choice. Naturally lightweight, weighing just ¾ lb, and not prone to staining this heavy ½" thick pressing mat can be used with a dry iron or steam iron on a protected surface. I searched for a size I considered just right - 13.5" square – perfect for a quilt block and just fine for pressing bag seams.   The mat can be hung if damp and it can be rinsed in cold water and hung to dry. What could be better?




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