Fabric, Sparkle Plaid Gold 15753-15
Robert Kaufman

Fabric, Sparkle Plaid Gold 15753-15

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I did find one more Shopify app to try. From my research I found a blog post that shows the configuration and it does require pasting of code into liquid files (Shopify's code files). Unlike the other one, the instructions seem straightforward so I could give it a shot but I'm more comfortable if Paul or a Shopify expert does the setup. I can do configuration once the app's operational.

It's called Product Differentiator. 7-day free trial then $14/m. I don't have access to install.  https://apps.shopify.com/product-differentiator?surface_detail=product+diff&surface_inter_position=1&surface_intra_position=4&surface_type=search

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