Fabric Kit, Getting To Know Hue
Fabric Kit, Getting To Know Hue
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Fabric Kit, Getting To Know Hue

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About the Getting to Know Hue Quilt

This is a fabulous queen-sized quilt  The Getting to Know Hue kit has been created with a full spectrum of Patrick Lose Fabrics - his playful Blenders collection.  Lights, mediums and darks are featured in each and every block.  It's a fun colour learning opportunity! 

The quilt is the creation of renowned pattern and fabric designer Nancy Rink.  The fabrics in the blocks are identical in all three quilts but you have a choice of three backgrounds.  You'll notice that each background option features light, medium and dark values. 

The quilt measures 96″ x 102".  You can make the quilt with or without appliqué and there are three options for the look of the centre star.  There's one perfect for your level of quilting.  And, you'll be able to give your quilt its own distinctive look!

A ribbon border features the entire colour collection for a simply delightful look drawing the eye around the central star.  And you'll get to know all about using colour, making your quilt pop! 

The kit includes all the fabric for the quilt top and the binding.



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