PUL Moisture-Proof Fabric

P.U.L. stands for polyurethane laminate.  There are two types of P.U.L. fabric with different properties....

P.U.L. Film comes in plain colors only.  It was developed for hospital use so can be washed in hot water.  A hot iron can be touched to the fabric without melting it.  Pin holes close with the heat of an iron.  It is perfect for linings that need moisture proofing like in the ABQ Me & My Baby Diaper Bag pattern, the Quick Change Bag pattern and the Dinning Out Pattern.  It is a thinner product than Babyville P.U.L. and is highly recommended when sewing multiple layers.  Think waterproof linings with pockets.  The laminate is on the outside of the fabric and the fabric itself has a nice soft feel. 

P.U.L. by Babyville has been specifically designed for the baby market.  The waterproof layer is on the wrong side with a heavy knit layer on the right side of the fabric.  I've used and recommend its use in the Quick Change Bag pattern.  The heavier look gives the bag an upscale look.  This pattern is also made up of just two layers of the fabric so its heavier weight is not an issue.  

Babyville is machine washable in warm water.  You may occasionally use bleach to wash it but avoid fabric softeners.  Press with extreme care and only on the right side.  Use the wool setting with steam.  Pin holes can be closed to some extent by drying in a hot dryer for 20 minutes.