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This is part of a series of profiles of quilt artists involved in a project that saw Canadian quilters send their art to be displayed in a quilt show in Taiwan that will begin on April 30 and run through May, 2016. Read about the project here and find links to other participant profiles.

Susan TeeceI have been obsessed with cutting up fabric and stitching it back together since I was a child. I have a degree in Textile Science and an interest in art and anthropology. I spent my career years as a Home Economics teacher. Now I spend my time stitching wall hangings, designing patterns and teaching textile art. I exhibit internationally, sell my works at local fine art shows, do a few commissions, and I ship my patterns across Canada and into the USA. My company is Bent Pin Creations.

Fabrics are intoxicating - the soft textures, the glorious patterns and the lively colours. I dye or paint much of the fabric I use. This is best way to produce a perfect sky, the variations in water, and multi coloured foliage. Canadian landscape topics: big trees, (cedar, fir, arbutus), rocky ocean shores,bears, eagles, lighthouses and old buildings are my subject matter. Currently, I am designing for the Row By Row project. I often work from my own photographs. I am inspired by the Group Of Seven.

BC is beautiful, rich, and environmentally important. I am lucky to be able to live here and I recognize the importance of cherishing and preserving our habitat. Stitching a wall hanging is a satisfying way of honouring our corner of the earth.




The Cooling Canopy

Artist's Statement

"I am fortunate to live on the west coast of British Columbia. We have lush forests that are shady and cool. They provide habitat for many animals and plant species, they control rainfall runoff, and they are culturally important to the First Nations people. They are threatened by overly zealous logging industries, pipelines and other economical pursuits. I hope their value as a carbon sink is realized before its too late."

The Cooling Canopy wall hanging detail

Detailed closeup of 'The Cooling Canopy'

Written by Brenda Miller — February 03, 2016


I'm Brenda, and I love designing patterns that help you create beautiful, functional bags and quilts.

These patterns are unique, well-illustrated, simple to follow, and fun to sew.

We also carry my own line of bag zippers, finished designer bags, bag hardware kits, specialty fabrics, and notions, so you're able to easily find what you need to do a superb job on all of your ABQ projects.

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