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This is part of a series of profiles of quilt artists involved in a project that saw Canadian quilters send their art to be displayed in a quilt show in Taiwan that will begin on April 30 and run through May, 2016. Read about the project here and find links to other participant profiles.

Patricia ScottMessing around with fibre arts has been part of my life since I was quite young. Crocheting, knitting, needlework, embroidery, cross stitch and sewing were all skill sets I was exposed to and taught. My mother, grandmother, and I found out, great grandmother, did a lot of sewing and quilting. I was the recipient of many custom made outfits while I was growing up. I also saw my mom doing some quilting in the late 80’s, and it inspired me to expand my sewing abilities to that form as well.

My first quilt was a crib quilt that I cut out cardboard templates to create a tumbling blocks top. Then I decided that wasn’t big enough, and I added wide borders with lace, and then appliquéd Minnie Mouse faces in the corners.  

My quilting adventures have continued through the last 25 years, and I have had the privilege of taking classes from a number of prominent instructors and artists along the way. I started out in my quilting journey with taking some classes and teaching myself from patterns and books. I moved to the US in 2000, and lived in several places; in my last US locale in northern Virginia I joined Quilters Unlimited in Burke, VA, and am still a member although I moved back to Edmonton five years ago.

My work life has varied along the way. When I first started quilting I lived in the Two Hills area, and worked selling crop insurance, and then became a loans officer. When I moved to the US, I worked for a convention decorating company in Florida. While I got my Masters Degree in Architecture at the University of Colorado, I worked for Pumpkin Masters.  I moved to Virginia in 2005 and worked for an architecture firm there. I have been working for an architecture firm in Edmonton since being back in Alberta, and I get to travel around Canada with some of the projects I work on.

My spare time includes a lot of quilting, fabric dyeing, deck gardening, cooking, reading, and hanging out with my cat. My parents and brother and family live in Alberta, so I spend time with family as well.

Artist's Statement

I chose a picture I had taken while on vacation this fall of some beautiful water lilies. I wanted to depict them using my hand dyed fabrics, so the leaves are all in grays. I wanted to use the lack of colour as the ghost or "black and white photo" to signify the climatic changes and effects on plants. I did my own paper pieced pattern, and the flowers are fused appliqué.

Water Lily wall hanging

Water Lily

Materials and Techniques

Pat’s wall hanging includes the following techniques: paper piecing, fusible appliqué, free-motion quilting.  Pat used hand dyed and purchased cotton fabrics.

detailed shot of Water Lily

Detailed Closeup of 'Water Lily'

Written by Brenda Miller — January 25, 2016


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