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I'm a Baby Lock Ambassador in Canada and just before Christmas I took delivery of a brand new Unity Sewing Machine.  Although it is impossible to become an expert in the time I have had the machine I must say that I have become an enthusiast.  

The name of the machine says it all.  The Unity is an all purpose workhorse for fashion sewing, embroidery, free motion quilting, quilt piecing and every other use you might have in the course of your sewing day.  I am especially impressed with the machines ability to sew heavier seams with ease without the use of the included even feed foot.  

Free motion quilting used to be a stressful experience but not with the Unity.  Embroidery setup is quick and easy.  There are so many extra features on the machine to enjoy like the laser Sensor Pen feature.  This machine even sews sideways!  

So if you are new to sewing and looking for a machine that will help you though all your creative projects I recommend the Unity.  If you are a gal, who like me, had one machine for embroidery, one for piecing, and one for heavy work why not do a spring clean.  Sell those old machines and free up your space by investing in the amazing Unity by Baby Lock.    

Written by Brenda Miller — February 13, 2013


I'm Brenda, and I love designing patterns that help you create beautiful, functional bags and quilts.

These patterns are unique, well-illustrated, simple to follow, and fun to sew.

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