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As a bag and quilt pattern designer, I have favorite notions that I use when designing, sewing, quilting and pressing. I also teach classes, so I have an opportunity to see how these tools perform for people with a wide variety of skills and experience. Add to that the feedback from quilt shops that run classes, and these tools have been thoroughly tested in real life! Now, one by one, I'm sharing my favorite notions with you!




Colors Markers by Frixion™

frixion marker


Pilot, the Japanese manufacturer of Frixion pens, roller balls, hi-lighters and markers hit on an accidental winner with the quilting crowd with this heat sensitive marking tool.


There are several different tools under the Fixion name, the product I’m absolutely crazy about is the marker.


Don’t confuse this with the roller ball or gel roller style Frixion pen. The marker gives a far better line than the roller ball. Invest in the markers.



If you’ve never used a Frixion marker, here’s why you’ll love them:

  • Frixion markers come in a variety of colors so you’ll always find a color that shows up on your fabric.
  • The fine line achievable with the marker is highly visible so it’s easy on the eyes and great for pinpoint accuracy.
  • Lines are easily removed with iron, steam, or the heat of a blow dryer. If you have a chalky residue, as sometimes happens on dark colors, sponge lightly with water to remove.

This long lasting marker is available in the 6 pack or the more colorful 12 pack assortment and can be purchased from our online store.

Written by Brenda Miller — August 31, 2015


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