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This is part of a series of profiles of quilt artists involved in a project that saw Canadian quilters send their art to be displayed in a quilt show in Taiwan that will begin on April 30 and run through May, 2016. Read about the project here and find links to other participant profiles.

Suzanne EdkinsSue has enjoyed crafting since childhood. She’s always found it to be a great creative outlet while at the same time helping her relax. Sue has a visual impairment so her favorite creative pastimes of sewing, doll making, bag making and beading are challenging. But with the technology available today she can still enjoy these activities.

She gathers inspiration for her designs and crafts from everything around her – nature, crafts done by others, the web and much more. When not crafting she’s reading up on her hobbies and enjoying the camaraderie of belonging to a quilt guild in Ottawa.

Artist's Statement

My quilt depicts the ocean floor and a kelp forest which provides food, hiding places and shelter for many species of plants, animals and fish. Without kelp, their population may be dramatically reduced.

Save our kelp forests art quilt

Protect Our Kelp!


Greenhouse gases trap more energy from the sun which results in warmer waters and rising sea levels. This can alter climate patterns around the world, leading to things such as stronger storms in the tropics which can cause severe damage to property and loss of life.

Polluting the ocean through the dumping of metals, plastics and rubber also has a major impact on the health and survival of the kelp forest.

Scientists believe that if greenhouse gas emissions continue at the present rate, the earth’s surface temperature will rise with harmful effects on the ecosystem worldwide. It’s important that we keep our oceans clear of waste products and be mindful of the harmful effects they have not only on the kelp forests but on all ecosystems.

Materials and Techniques

Applique was used with the addition of crystals, netting and hand embroidery. I used pastel crayons to create depth on the background fabric.

Protect Our Kelp art quilt detailed view

Protect Our Kelp! detailed view

Written by Brenda Miller — March 22, 2016


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